by Mercy Academy

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Tales was recorded in the summer of 2011.


released August 1, 2011

Christofer Lincoln-Vocals and Guitar
Phil Najjar-Guitar
John Sloan-Bass
Brian Lilienthal-Drums

Engineered by Troy Williams at Velvet Audio
Mastered at Old Colony



all rights reserved


Mercy Academy Louisville, Kentucky

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Track Name: Expiration Data
Blame it all on the parasites still forming in, around, and under the feeling of someone calling on love. Spilling your guts to a stranger never knowing you've been staring at a shadow pleading "hold on!"
I know that they can't last if we are stones thrown from hands too precious to miss...in one kiss, expire.
Blame it all on the pigs corralled into showmanship. Flitter about, shaking the tree no one heard fall. Walk, talk, and see with signs of wealth pouring in. My own eyes will prize the sea, the moon, and the air.
Track Name: Empty Seat Blues
You got up to sit next to me. A broken sunlight through the weakest tree. I'd love for someone, somewhat instantly. Is this the new year? It isn't quite clear. It's never ever right to say how great you are when you sat next to me that day. The mountain stares down into the train as if to offer it some silly game of cat and mouse, some Faust, a rosary...A fork, a knife, and this purse made me believe It's never ever right to say how great you are when sat next to me that day. A cloud of dust is torture to your eyes. When the smoke clears you realize a watch means nothing when our time is done. So we get up, we step off, and we shake hands. It's never ever right to say how great you are when you sat next to me that day.
Track Name: Fortune Tellers Revenge
Stranger hearts and clay have always gave way 'neath my feet. In tangled mangled waves you slipped through the haze named defeat. Despite second sight, my vengence takes flight across the isles. In cold sweat filled nights I hear the cries of denial. Surprised to see no one feels like I do. You live as god says to and you fail like I do. Sky you crash the stars into the cars we drive in. Earth you caught the rain in pools of pain where we swim. Surprised to see no one feels like I do. You live as god says to and you fail like I do. The cards never lie, someone must die...looks like you. At your request, I'll do my best...leave you to choose.
Track Name: tails
I'm nervous, I'm late, my furry legs still ache, my blood is boiling carrots in my stomach. Oh my god it's cold! I'm way too goddamn old to run all these distances for a girl. But she just seems to be just as lost as me. Should I catch her? should I fetch her? Oh whatever. Fall from grace and please make no mistakes, and on your way down scratch some lines in the walls. If you make it back, I will keep my watch intact. Just look for nervous tracks. Time for some tea. Tick tock claims the clock like a hammer breaking rocks, hope my ears don't cave in from the sound. But she just seems to be just as lost as me, should I catch her? Should I fetch her? Oh whatever.
Track Name: The Promise
A sea of fire will drown out this night. A dream blooms, a story of lies fit the crime. Waves break and shake her knees to the bone. Breathe deeply move in and make him your own.
Trees bend, the wind carries the sound. Light casts shadows of ghosts hit the ground. Far away, someone is learning to sleep. She waits, it's too late. The promise will keep her now.
Track Name: The Ballad of Rosie Ann
Rosie Ann left in the summer of '83. She knew two chords and nothing about the industry. She had a fire in her heart, she had a blank page to start. She gave the river his mommas wedding ring. All the new towns looked the same as before. All the good ol' boys knew Rosie needed more. She had a studder when she'd sing, she had a new dress for everything that she'd steal from lives along the way. I'd be a fool not to say that I love you and the songs that you sing. If my mind should dine with princes and kings, you're the thief of my heart, and you always had the key. The crowd on a Sunday night is leaning toward the time. Rosie sits and thinks "Has this become my life? To dwell in lonliness? To make due with the rest?", so she cries...and throws her fists into the air. The smell of cigarettes and old beer on the floor makes the staleness of the winter linger more. So she rolls up her sleeves and waits till they all leave, and then smiles, as Rosie plays one more.
Track Name: Mercy the Lion
Shut your mouth. School is out. The eagle has landed. The birds flew south. The gauntlets been thrown. This house aint a home. The fat lady whispers as the cows came back home. Shiver in the corner of the den. Lions come to greet me with thier dead. The night falls, the tongues are getting wet. When it's over, I'm not strong enough...so I beg. The call came in, he's missing again. His heart feels heavy as the rain hits his skin. From ashes to ashes, the dust turns to mud. He won't bat his lashes, he just sails with the flood. So I beg you, spare me tonight....Mercy the Lion.
Track Name: Elephant
You see every fault in me but you can't see the elephant in the room. You need constant scrutiny just so you can be the elephant too. Blind are we, and every second counts, so grab all of your friends and hit the town. Que Serra, and other La Di Das engulf me when you become the clown. Falling behind never felt so fine, if you ask me why, I will never tell you. You just lying there spread out just like a butterfly...Your wings fall like broken things when your lies climb on top of mine.
Track Name: Four Fifty Two
I'm laughing on the inside, I never rest my head. I'm hungry for some company. A tragic hand to bet. Two feet that dance in motions I know I'll never get a handful of devotion, to an ocean of regret. I feel like the calm before the storm. Your blood tastes like love we had before. If we survive the tide we could hold on.
Your eyes paint the picture that your dumb hands never could. Of a dream that you sold me for half of what most would. A fire in a stonewall. A million cats to feed. A kettle burning on the stove. And a house of memories....
Track Name: Soon
Shine a light in the black of my life, so love can drive. Through the hills that I dream of still where I don't pay bills. I feel like I can't move on. Waiting to find my song. Let me wait, He'll soon take the bait...soon.
Let's disrepair everything, everywhere. I'll start from scratch. Move me to tears, if I beg you my dear..I'll stay forever. I feel like I can't move on. Waiting to find my song. Let me wait, He'll soon take the bait...soon.