by Mercy Academy

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"Hearing" is conceptual album written by Christofer Lincoln. The album was recorded by Troy Williams at Velvet Audio over the Autumn and Winter months in 2012 and 2013.


released May 14, 2013

Mercy Academy
Christofer Lincoln-Vocals, Lyrics, Guitar, Accoustic and 12 string.
Phil Najjar-Lead Guitar
John Sloan-Bass guitar and Chapman Stick
Jeremy Smith-Drums

Jon Silpayamanant-Cello

Recorded and engineered by Troy Williams at Velvet Audio.
Photography and artwork by Mickie Winters
Produced and mixed by Troy Williams and Christofer Lincoln.



all rights reserved


Mercy Academy Louisville, Kentucky

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Track Name: Black out the Sun
Trepidation, warn one another. Are we back to trick undiscovered feelings of doubt undercover, long gone? Execution, kill off the census. Strip them of all consequences till all we have is broken fenses, open wide. Oh God, what have I done? Did I black out the sun? Move on. My love, do you still love me? Did I shake too much tree? Move on. Happiness, what is the meaning? Searching left and right for a bleeding, fleeting doubt kissing and spilling cold lies. Communication, where is my ticket? Last in line, I'll wait another minute. Then I'm out like yesterday's rubbish. Move on.
Track Name: Houselights
Wait for the show. He broke his arm trying hard not to break a leg. Make up is dry. Cooking in the lights of a long abandoned mind. Don't fall down, Don't fall down, Don't fall down, Don't fall down. I'm sick with this fear that I won't remember my lines. Rum soaked gin voice. It was all my choice to live outside the stage. Come back to me. It was easier to sing than to have you tie my tie. Encore is late. I remember the taste of compliments and wine. Sold all of my clothes so no one knows I was way ahead of my time.
Track Name: Accountable
Sitting in a creaky chair awaiting the collapse. Fishing for the cracks she puts her fingers in gum. Driving home alone she hears a song that she loves. In the rear view, red and blue lights pull her over. She feels "Do I want to find my way home?." Lighting up a smoke he tells a joke to his best friend. Meanwhile all the laughter ensues for mere seconds. In his favorite coffee house he scans the morning rag. Finds his best friend in the obituary. He feels "Do I want to find my way home?" Set in stone, stones can break. If this is more than we can take, If I get down on my knees, hold me accountable.
Track Name: Let's play a Game
Never come back again. I'll kill you if you step one foot in my sunlight. You fucking did it again. Turned my circle into a narrow straight line. But I can't let you go when I know that you got no place to go. But it seems so simple that the tide would swallow you up whole. Suck it up and be everything you tip-toed around and took from me. Something's got to give. A band-aid over a crumbling sky could never win. The train is coming fast. I love to hear you scream. The deafening crack of the tracks. The whistle's anxious shriek. But before I say goodbye, I'll loosen up one rope.
Track Name: Under the Lightning
Lightning strikes the bare bones sign of things to come. Yield my friends. Time to see this through. And it rains so hard as we take our own lives. Steal the peach and lay down with your prize. Move the shapes and make them fit your pride. And it rains so hard as we take our own lives.
Track Name: Hearing (Pt.1)
Throw your arms and say you're sorry. If ever, I do. A need to know is a need to hurry. The way I go will show no mercy. If ever, I do. The will to kill all who seek the memory of what used to be. If ever, I do. It's time to wind the body down into a map of sight and sound. If ever, I do.
Track Name: When the heart runs for Cover
When the heart runs for cover, the world has discovered a way to keep us drifting apart. On the shoulders of forever sits a cold wind named "Never" humming a slow song, so unfamiliar. And the house that we've built, splits us apart. And the ground undernourished swallows our hearts. If a flash of redemption eases all of the tension, wouldn't it be worth the price of your pride? If your hands can't build monuments, then my plans to cause turbulence in the design will surely build mine. Straight down the line, I never know what it takes to keep you in line. You never mind the lines I make. Divided in two, across from this room I can love you.
Track Name: If Ever
If ever your lips are untrue, sign me up to take the first shot at you. Laughing when the poison brings another spell of misery in a locked groove. I wish that you would just burn away, painfully into a memory. If ever your eyes look into her perfect lies to care about you. A phoenix flies from the flames of boiled blood and acid rain to come fix you. If ever, you had better hide soon.
Track Name: Does it make a Sound?
Never thought that life could be so cruel. For every falling rain another glimmer of sun shines through. And when it hits, you miss the listless face of fools. Parade around the sound of your heart splitting in two. Find me a place so I can taste the water. Let it run through my veins and make my roots stand up. Now the winter's shyness kills the kindness of you. My little summer rain, now you feel the same as I do. Sitting cold and lonely in a landscape of truth. Cause when you fall, that's all. There never is a sound.
Track Name: Hearing (Pt.2)
Oh, can you make it not hurt? Can you make her not flirt? Can you make her look bad for the time being? Oh, can you make me shut down? Can you turn me around? Can you make me slip out through the back door? Oh, Can you make me everything?
Track Name: Worry Clothes
Dry your eyes. I'm not the same disguise. I won't hide my years in hours. Walk with me down to the broken tree. Sew it up and see what matters. Shoot me straight. I will navigate. Don't you hesitate to fly. So, I've been a fool. Tearing apart the signs that lead me back to you. Sending them off with a sigh. White to black. Always coming back. Spill out your lack of formation. Red to green. Pleased to meet your scheme. I will see all of your patters. Summer wind save me from Winter's skin. Send us back to bed forever. So, I've been a fool. Wearing my worries that otherwise might let me see how wonderful naked can be.
Track Name: Keep Swimming
If I can lose my life, I would break everything on the side. Cause nothing I say means nothing if it don't make you cry. And these feelings possess. All my lovers, my family, my friends. If you reach too far than I guess you can't reach your best. When your heart feels just like a stranded canoe. And your arms are too goddamn heavy to use. I may not play the best. I know sometimes my words don't express all the crazy things that circle around in my head. But if you get it my friends, you will never be lonely again. Cause there's always a song to sing in the end. Just swim with me if you've got nothing to lose.